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The best Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper

Feature Set
Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper is the only product we tested that made copies quickly and easily with no problems. That alone makes it a great application for backing up your entire Blu-ray collection. Fortunately, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper goes the extra mile with its editing capabilities. You can clip short segments for a classroom presentation, for example, or make a black-and-white copy of new movie releases. You can also insert a watermark of your own design and change the contrast and saturation of your movie to suit the Blu-ray player device you plan to use. When the ripping, decrypting and copying is done, the application can turn off your PC to conserve power.

Beyond copying backup files of your favorite high-definition Blu-rays, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Ripper allows you to make copies of your BDs and DVDs that will play on your PlayStation gaming system. You can also burn copies of BDs to regular blank DVDs so you can watch your movies on electronic devices such as your laptop computer or portable DVD player.

Other winning features of Aiseesoft’s Blu-ray Ripper include its ability to omit or retain bonus material and menus, insert subtitles in multiple languages and extract audio independent of the main movie. In future versions of Blu-ray Ripper, we hope to see the capability to copy Blu-ray 3D content and the ability to restore scratched BDs.

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Copy Quality
As you might already know, the first minutes of viewing a Blu-ray movie on a high-definition screen is astounding. Imagine, for example, a scene from the 2000 Paramount film "Gladiator." In the DVD version, the film starts with a field of grass and a close-up of Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus Meridas. The gladiator is decked out in fighting gear and carries a look of determination on his face, but you feel as if you are seeing the character from far away.

In contrast, the Blu-ray version of the film shows the field as you would see it with your own eyes. Each strand of yellow grass is visible, for example, as is each feather on the songbird that makes a brief appearance. In Crowe’s close-up, the fur on his collar looks real enough to tickle your skin. Similarly, the sweat and dirt on his face appear as real as yours would in the bathroom mirror.

Once you’ve experienced this kind of quality, it’s natural to want it all the time. However, spending the money to outfit every media player in your home for Blu-ray technology is out of reach for many families. Instead, you can purchase just one Blu-ray player and make legal copies to watch on your other machines. Alternatively, you can make exact Blu-ray to Blu-ray backup copies so you can put the originals away for safe keeping.

Ease of Use
You can make Blu-ray to Blu-ray copies easily with Aiseesoft’s Blu-ray burner. The opening interface will direct you to load either all the files on your BD or just its playlist. Depending on the speed of your computer, that will take between 30 seconds and a few minutes. Then, a list of Blu-ray files will appear. To copy the whole movie, keep all the boxes checked that appear to the left of the file names. If you have other plans, uncheck the appropriate boxes. A helpful preview screen will let you know if you’ve found the right file.

From here, you need to choose the output format of your copy. If you want to make a high-definition movie, find the TS file-extension option. If you want to make a copy that will play on almost all computers, choose MPEG. Next, you can choose the location of the copied file. Use a standard browse button to complete the task.

Now, you’ve done everything necessary to create a perfect Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy. Push the play button and let the software do its magic. You’ll immediately see a clock tracking elapsed time and another tracking the estimated completion time.

If you want a customized copy, there are a few additional steps you need to take. Just click on the edit logo at the top of the Blu-ray Ripper interface. A new window will open showing options for saturation, brightness and so forth. When you get the settings just right, go back to the main interface and begin the Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy process.

Ease of Installation
Even with its high degree of functionality, Aiseesoft’s Blu-ray Ripper is a breeze to download. It takes only one executable file to get the application ready to go. Furthermore, it does not require third-party plug-ins for decryption. Competing products downloaded several applications when we wanted only the Blu-ray to Blu-ray copy software, or failed to install after they were downloaded.

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