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How To Guide For Burning BD-R discs

Burning a BD-R (Blu-ray Disc Recordable) requires a few prerequisites. You’ll need a Blu-ray burner, a BD-R or BD-RE (Rewritable) disc, IMGBurn software and some content to burn. In this guide, we’ll assume that you are burning files extracted from a BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc Read Only Memory) movie disc. To extract (rip) files from a BD-ROM movie disc, we recommend AnyDVD HD.

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Step 1 Open ImgBurn in Build Mode
Open ImgBurn, click on the Mode drop down menu and select Build mode. On the Device tab, you can see useful Disc Information such as: Disc ID: VERBAT-IMO-000, which means that the disc we are using is manufactured by Verbatim. Disc Type: BD-RE, which means the disc is a Blu-ray Disc Rewritable. Size: 24,220,008,448 bytes or about 25GB.
Open ImgBurn in Build Mode

Step 2 Add your BDMV folder into the IMGBurn project
From Windows Explorer, you can drag and drop the BDMV folder of the movie you want to burn into ImgBurn. The latest ImgBurn will automatically create a CERTIFICATE folder so that you will only need to add a BDMV folder to the burning project. As our screenshot shows, our movie will fit a 25GB BD-RE with 86,310,912 bytes of remaining free space on the disc.
Add your BDMV folder into the IMGBurn project

Step 3 Click the Burn icon
Shown below, where the mouse hand cursor is placed on the screenshot.
Click the Burn icon

Step 4 Select UDF
If you didn’t set the options to use the UDF file system, a warning window will appear, asking to correct the file system settings. Click Yes.
Select UDF

Step 5 Confirm the Volume Label.
IMGBurn will help with that too! Click Yes – duh.
Confirm the Volume Label

Step 6 Verify your settings
Next up, IMGBurn will display an informational window, allowing you to confirm all of your selections before the actual burning process starts. Click OK.
Verify your settings

Step 7 Burn baby burn
IMGBurn will display a burning progress window as the burn process progresses. In our example shown below, we are burning the blu-ray movie files on to a Verbatim BD-RE disc at 2x. The total writing time was approximately 45 minutes.
Burn baby burn

Step 8 Verify the files on the disc
Once the IMGBurn burning process is completed, you can verify that your BD-R or BD-RE disc has the correct files on it by browsing with Windows Explorer. Our example screenshot below displays the content of the STREAM folder, which is where the movie is located. Note that the CERTIFICATE folder is created by ImgBurn. This certificate folder is necessary for the disc to play back correctly on some devices.
Verify the files on the disc

Step 9 Play the movie from the disc
Once you have verified that your Blu-ray movie files are now on your BD-R or BD-RE disc, you can test the disc by playing back the movie using your Blu-ray burner, a standalone Blu-ray player or a PS3.

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